What is Crown Molding?

Crown molding is the a visual trimming around the wall of a room. Crown molding adds a visual distinction presence with architectural details increasing depth and fullness.


  • Think about your homes style and ceiling height.
  • Consider the furnishing style and other decor elements when selecting which crown molding is best for you.
  • Your crown molding and baseboards do not need to match each other but they should have a similar visual weight.


Not all crown moldings fit in each room, however, there is a perfect crown molding for your room. You’re in luck- there is a huge variety of crown molding! When selecting crown molding, consider the rooms layout and its decor.

NOTE: The hardest part of installing crown molding is cutting the corners. To make sure your crown molding is installed properly, call Pellot Construction! After scheduling your free estimate, we can take measurements and make sure your crown molding fits precisely before installing.


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