Construction Projects in Cold Weather: 6 Safety Tips

Cold temperatures with wet, snowy and windy weather can make an impact on the human body if precautions are not taken. In construction, we have safety guidelines in place to prevent hazards, however, it is also important to take steps towards keeping your body safe during the winter season. The following 10 tips can help anyone, homeowner or site job member, stay warm and knowledgable during their cold weather construction projects.

  1. Watch your local weather reports (frequently) Know when it is the best time of day to work on your project. Weather accommodations should be made to your projects to make sure you project is being completed properly. Temperatures too low or high can have serious consequences to home remodel, additions, and/or renovations.
  2. Keep an eye on your project Check the project site everyday. During the winter season, it is essential to be cautious of winter hazards such as icicles that can happen overnight.
  3. Proper clothing and gear– Proper attire for projects is crucial for safety however, during winter, it is important to take extra measures of safety to keep warm with season- specific clothing. Being exposed to cold or wet conditions too long can cause weather related injuries- frostbite, hypothermia,trench foot, etc. To help reduce chances of sickness, warm breaks is a good option. Warm breaks help increase comfort and keep people warm.
  4. Avoid caffeine Caffeine is associated with accelerating heart rates which is not good in cold weather environments. It is recommended to look into other pre-work habits and to try non caffeinated drinks for the best performance during cold weather construction projects.
  5.  Clean & free project area– Walkways and paths should remain clear of debris, tools, materials, and liquids. Before working, be sure there are no icicles or snow in or around your project.
  6. Inspect & prepare vehicles Vehicles can be compared to people- they must be taken care in order to run properly. We suggest warming up your cars and checking all major functions and liquids of your vehicle prior to heading to your destination.

Using these tips, allows everyone to be proactive in any potential winter problems during your project. Safety is most important to ensure people are well and projects are properly completed.


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