Licensed Contractor vs. Handyman


What is the difference in a licensed contractor and handyman?

Who should I hire?


Licensed contractors are licensed by the state in which they operate in or registered by that state. To become a licensed contractor, exams and fees are required. To maintain ones license, contractors must stay up to date with licensing and registration requirements. Being a licensed and insured contracter, gives the client security that the contractor has the background and training necessary with state regulations to complete the project.


Handymen are not required to stay up to date with state regulations. In fact, anyone can be a handyman. However, most handymen who market their skills, have experience and a list of home repairs they are capable of doing. Most of the time, handymen are hired to complete a project such as honey- do list and minor repairs. E.g., swithing light bulbs or putting pictures on a wall.


NOTE: Some special projects with specialized trade skills require a licensed contractor to do the work such as plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and roofing.


Pellot Construction Services, Inc.

Each project, big or small, has the same value of importance. Some projects take more time than others and requires a lengthier process but we aim to complete the job right the first time. For instance, large projects such as remodels and additions tend to take more time, machinery, employees and generally require a general contractors license. Handymen are not required to be licensed for many of their services. However, some services such as specialized trade requires a license.

Pellot Construction Services, Inc. is licensed and insured. By hiring us, you can feel comfortable knowing you have a committed team who has taken the time to understand and implement the proper knowledge and regulations to provide the best services to you.

If an unlicensed handyman is hired, you can be held liable financially if damage occur or if you try to sell the home, you could end up paying more to fix the issue for the home to meet its local code requirements. A handyman may be cheaper but licensed contractors are the better option.

With Pellot Construction, you can expect to have your project to be complete on time, within budget and quality service. Your project will be more satisfying with a team of more skills and better precision, allowing your small or large projects to be completed right- the first time.

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