Good Home Projects For The Fall.


Like you, your projects will be just in time for the holidays. Home improvements are good to begin at any time of the year, when you are ready. Although, particular times of the year prove to have certain projects and savings.

October to December is a great time FALL in love with home improvements, renovations, and finishing commenced projects. Contractors have greater availability and materials tend to be less expensive. In contrast, shipments take longer to arrive because of the holiday’s. Yet, with a plan and contractor, your project can be completed before the holidays, allowing your guests to be astonished by your new home renovation.

5 Home improvement ideas:

  1. Kitchen: Kitchen cabinets or new appliances can brighten a kitchen and amaze your guest.
  2. window replacement: Replacing old windows with new, energy-efficient windows can reduce energy costs and keep homes warm.
  3. Exterior painting: A fresh paint coat can add a brand new look to a home.
  4. Deck repair/refresh: A clean deck gives all the more reason to have a bonfire in the backyard.
  5. Clean gutters: Clogged gutters can cause a leaky roof or water damage potentially inside or outside your home.

Additions, remodel, or quick and easy replacements can brighten up your home. Big or small, the feeling of joy remembered.

 “Low cost”                 “Low time”

The two favorite phrases considerably everyone likes to hear. Each improvement is unique and varies.  Pellot Construction Services strives for low-cost and low time by meeting with our customers to ensure we fully understand their project needs to have them met. The fall is the best time to see low-cost and low project time. From a kitchen cabinet replacement to kitchen remodel, we strive for affordability and beating project deadlines. If our client is happy, so are we. To ensure happy clients, we make the extra stride by performing courtesy calls to update clients, as soon as we have information.

Lets work together to make your vision a realty, just in time for the holidays. 

Pellot Construction Services, Inc. 

(407) 814- 4601

If you have a topic you’d like answered in our blog, email us at 


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